The Auburn Circle is Auburn University's student-run literary and art magazine. We accept submissions and publish a magazine each fall, spring, and summer semester. 

In order to submit to The Auburn Circle, you must be affiliated with Auburn University. Our submissions are reviewed anonymously by our staff. 

Please choose the category below that best describes your submission. A new form must be filled out for each of your submissions. Thank you for your creativity and time!

Please limit your total submissions to 5 total.

This event will take place Wednesday, April 19 from noon to 1 p.m. CST. This will be part of the campus-wide recognition of inclusive excellence. We invite submitters to send in as many pieces as they would like. Please submit works that connect to the following broad themes: accessibility/disability, community outreach, cultural appropriation, cultural variables, gender issues, women's issues, regressive/repressive policies/politics, diversity/equity, history of diversity, the history of racism, and multicultural competency. Ensure that no submitted works are inappropriate or contain discriminatory/hateful language. 10 to 12 pieces will be chosen and readers will be contacted if their work is chosen in advance. 

The Auburn Circle